Precision CNC Machining & Tooling

Services Offered

Automotive – Providing tooling and automation for interior and exterior acoustical panels. Aluminum billets, aluminum castings, steel, and iron prototype tooling. Electrically heated, water cooled. Compression, form-and-trim, pinch-trim, foam in place. By-pass trim-dies. Robot integration.

Agriculture/Heavy Truck – Interior and exterior body panels, rim tooling, bond fixtures, molds, routing fixtures and assembly.

Aerospace – Form blocks, drill fixtures/jigs, form dies, mandrels, router tools, templates, positioning tools.

Home Goods/Toys – Precision blow molding, secondary assembly, rotomolds, rim molds.

Marine – Models, fiberglass layups. Trimming-routing fixtures.

Recreational Products – Compression molding, thermoforming.